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We create and provide on-trend food content and food content project management. All customised to your, or your client's, needs and target market. Big to small scale projects. We work with you!

Using our network of food specialists including recipe developers, editors, food stylists and photographers we can give you access to affordable delicious recipes, food photographs and how-to content for video and social media.
Do you need help optimising your current food content database? Or do you want to build a food content database? We can help there too. And because we know how important copyright is to you and your brand, we guarantee copyright remains safely with you for the duration of agreed use.
Contact Angela today and find out how we can help you achieve your goals!

About Us

Beginning in 1994, Faces of Food has been a respected source for food information and services with projects completed in Australia, Japan and France.

    Angela Nahas

    Angela Nahas

    Founder, Food Specialist

    A strategic thinker and ideas person, with a career in publishing and hospitality that spans 25 years.

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    Sydney, AUSTRALIA
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